Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits Summary

  • Access to numerous guides, tools, resources, templates and more.

  • Live online workshops with guest speakers every month – recorded of your convenience.

  • Latest news and info from the eBulletin and resources library.

  • Peer to peer support through our online community.

  • Growing your community through networking at events, forums in webinars and the Members-only Facebook group.

  • Discounted registration to our in-person events – some events being exclusive to only members.

  • Free perks and/or savings from carefully selected suppliers

  • Enhanced credibility through use of the GCA Member logo.

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  • A range of cutting-edge personal, professional and business development events, including conferences, seminars, masterclasses, workshops and   webinars … with exclusive discounts to same.

  • Library of resources; including recordings of conference sessions and webinars, blogs, podcasts, eBooks and articles.

  • Core topics include: Workforce Development; Customer Experience and Business Processes/Compliance.

  • Guidance on various compliance and societal matters; including Child Protection, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Workplace Relations, Insurance and access to Grants.

  • Industry specific benchmarks based on extensive Club surveying.

  • Facilitating access to experts


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  • On-going engagement with the Peak Sporting Bodies - Gymnastics Australia and the State Associations – around the likes of fees, competitions, coach development and services.

  • Lobbying various levels of government and the media on the benefits of gymnastics, access to same, and the vital role that gymnastics clubs play in delivering safe, quality programs.

  • Engaging with applicable authorities; eg, Children’s Commission, Fair Work Australia and the Australian Small Business Council.

  • Working collaboratively with not the Peak Sporting bodies; also with kindred organisations, including the International Association for Children’s Activities Program.

  • Leveraging suppliers for better deals.



  • Enhanced credibility with use of the GCA Member logo.

  • Media release announcing Membership of GCA and how that will benefit the local community etc.

  • Regular industry news and updates, via the likes of monthly eBulletin and Members only Facebook page.

  • Monthly webinars to include a forum section.

  • Networking and social opportunities built into all events.

  • Recognition and sharing through, highlighted by the National Awards Gala.


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In short, for your tax-deductible Membership investment, you will be able to increase your income, make savings, free up time and sleep better at night!  Equally, Membership greatly helps GCA in working collaboratively with Gymnastics Australia, the State Associations and other relevant stakeholders to help grow the wonderful activity and sport that is gymnastics.

GCA welcomes you to join in on this quest to work towards best practice, raise standards and improve access to gymnastics; all while helping you – the vital Provider – become increasingly viable … to indeed, thrive. 

By coming together, we can better share experiences, challenges, thoughts, questions and solutions. This will help development as individuals and a collective community.  We can become the best version of ourselves!


Annual Club Membership Categories and Fees - including GST

1. Single Venue Club $770.00

2. Multiple Venues/Clubs - up to 7 $1,250.00

3. Organisation of Clubs - 8 or more $2,750.00

This tax-deductible investment can be paid monthly over the course of the year.

Membership open from January 2021


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